We have adjusted the wordmark and colour to feel more welcoming, supporting our core idea of sharing. Our new slanted ‘E’ represents acceleration, accessibility and movement. 
We will launch Tesla's car sharing network into New Zealand by having interactive screens placed around the country where people will be prompted to contribute what they personally share.  These screens will not initially be associated with the Tesla brand, because we want to encourage the public to think about what they share in their every day lives without any pre-assumptions they may have about Tesla.
Once this is revealed we will release a range of collateral around NZ and online, that introduces the car sharing app, directly linking Tesla with the idea of sharing.  

The app will then be advertised through poster, social media and video material 
The Tesla App will Maximise access to Tesla vehicles, remove financial limitations and be the first step to the shift away from individual car ownership. Tesla’s car sharing app will be a free floating model, where you can rent from a Tesla fleet or Tesla owners, maximising low cost options.  The app will build on existing AR technology and location services to allow for an easy and efficient experience.
Tesla’s car sharing will be more flexible than current car sharing systems because it will have two modes of function. “Solo” which is a traditional car rental mode or “Shared” which will connect you with people on the same route as you so you can grab a ride or pick someone up to save money.
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